Who We Are
FORDS-Care was commissioned by the Oval Racing Council International (ORCi). It is a Charitable Company run independently by five Trustees with the help of a secretary and Friends, chosen to offer a broad range of experience and skills and with over two centuries' combined  experience in all aspects of racing.

Meet the Team

Dave “DP” Pierce – Trustee, Chairman and Treasurer
DP was Promoter at Buxton Raceway from September 1999 until the end of the 2010 season. Whilst there he established the Buxton Raceway Drivers Benevolent Fund and earned great respect from both Promoters and Drivers.

DP first started in short circuit racing watching F1 Stock Cars at the old Belle Vue Stadium some 43 years ago, and has been involved in some way ever since. As well as his knowledge of the oval racing world, a background in banking and insurance and his retirement from promoting make him the perfect man to lead the team.

Nick “Nico” Hughes – Trustee
Nico has been involved in the racing scene since the early 1980s, racing a few times and helping to build bangers, and his writing career spans two decades and a range of publications. But his most dedicated and best known contribution to short oval racing lies in his long association with Spedeworth. He assisted on the promotional side at Spedeworth and was Banger Rep for over 20 years.

Nico remains one of racing’s best known faces and, with a proven track record in fundraising and an in-depth knowledge of the sport, he too is an obvious natural choice for FORDS.

Jon “Wusty” Worstencroft (51) – Trustee
A true gentleman both off and on the track, Jon is well liked and respected in the Banger world. He joins the team freshly retired after 27 years of reliable devotion to racing, mainly at Buxton and more recently at Mendips.

Twice injured himself, counting a broken pelvis in 1995 and ankle in 2005, Jon understands firsthand the difficulties faced by drivers when things go wrong. He was a keen supporter of a Benevolent Fund for injured drivers from the start, dedicating his Testimonial Meeting at Mendips to give FORDS its launch event.

Bob Jones (151) – Trustee
The most northerly of the team and committed to helping the cause of a better deal for injured drivers, Bob is the FORDS man in Scotland.

Bob started his racing career in Saloon Stock Cars 34 years ago, and was a regular competitor until around 1999, although he has had the odd outing since that time. The highlights of his career were his two World Final wins in 1986 and 1987, which he recalls with great affection.

Greg O’Connor – Friend of FORDS (Ireland)
A respected household name in Bangers with proven dedication and ability, Greg first took to the banger track in 1987 and raced in the UK a few times in the early 1990’s before returning full time in 1997. After breaking his breast bone and ribs a few times in 2009, upon instructions from his wife, he retired from racing. Greg was responsible for arranging the Team Savage v Buxton Jerkey Boys head to head, the popular England v Ireland clash, and suggesting a 5 nations tournament.

Greg fully understands the problems that a drop in income can cause for a household, and supports FORDS plans to remedy this. Through his work in finance he meets people from all walks of life that were just caught out one day be it on a race track, golf course or a simple road accident, and suddenly household bills cannot be met.

Darren Millar – Friend of FORDS
Darren has been working within oval racing since 2007, starting at Cowdenbeath Racewall aged 15 and soon after his 16th birthday got his first meeting on the infield, the Saloon World Final 2008! After passing his driving test and starting out in the world of work Darren was able to travel to Crimond Raceway regularly, where he joined the team and within a year found himself taking the role of assistant Clerk of the Course. By the end of 2015 he was also Clerk of the Course at Cowdenbeath, taking on the Stock Rod World Final just two weeks later.

Darren has had a passion to help the fund since the early fundraisers in Scotland and use his previous experience of charity fundraising to help racers, staff and mediographers. Before formally joining the team he was already providing support with his extensive local knowledge. He is keen to become more involved with in the fund as it grows and appreciates the safety net it provides not only to drivers but to himself and his colleagues

Roger Blitzman Hore - Friend of FORDS
Blitzman is well known to Autospeed regulars and Ovalchatters, having been around racing since a very young age. He had a go at racing but says even Team Toilet wouldn’t want him, so he gave it up; he’s also been a spanner chucker for World Final drivers, but got heavily involved when St Day was under threat and has been a valued member of the Autospeed operation ever since.

Now, he puts up a Trier of the Day Trophy at Blockbuster, in his own words “to give something back to all drivers who spend their time entertaining us, week in, week out”. Due to health issues he has more time to give, so when we approached him for help he gladly accepted. He says he’s looking forward to doing his bit; we’re delighted to have him on board and grateful that he is so keen to do a bit more.

Manuela Stento – Secretary
Although a relative newcomer to short oval racing, Manuela helped to build bangers for three years from 2006 and has always taken an outspoken interest in safety. She has endless enthusiasm and a real passion for driver welfare.

Although she stays firmly on the safe side of the fence she does have a personal experience of how a relatively simple injury can have life-changing consequences after a broken arm in 1999 left her unemployed and homeless.

Although the idea is not new, the Formula 1 and Formula 2 Ben Funds have been the only ones in short oval racing for several decades. When Dave Pierce took over Buxton Raceway in 1999 he decided the Promoters' Personal Accident Insurance was not enough and set up a Fund for his drivers. This ran almost unnoticed for 10 years, until a chain of events unfolded that led directly to the establishment of FORDS.

When banger driver Chris 'Caulty' Ault (422) was seriously injured at Psychomania at Sheffield in September 2009, Manuela took an orange B&Q bucket from her garden shed and went collecting for him. The first collection took place at Aldershot on 4th October, and from this event the idea of a Ben Fund for bangers quickly snowballed into reality.

Nico helped to make it happen and immediately offered more fundraising ideas, continuing to support the new Ben Fund for bangers. Meanwhile, in the weeks after Caulty’s accident, his brother Mr Dino (421) was contacted by Murphy with ideas on how he too could get involved to help Chris through a tough time – including a greeting card car! – and they raised an impressive sum to help out.

A year later, the original Ben Fund for bangers ran into trouble. The ORCi seized the idea and approached freshly retired DP to run an all-formula Ben Fund at all their tracks. The timing could not have been better: Nico became available after leaving his job to work full-time at Spedeworth; Wusty had also just retired from racing; and Manuela had left the banger Ben Fund following its troubles. DP assembled the team and added the staff and photographers who also risk injury on the race track – and FORDS was born.