Welcome to FORDS
Welcome to FORDS Care, the Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff, offering financial help to racers, staff and media people while they can’t work due to a racing injury.

Short oval race tracks are home to the budget end of motor racing, and it’s non-professional. Around 30 formulae run at circuits around the country, from children’s Karts to solid Stock Cars and Reliant Robins to Hot Rods, without forgetting the Banger road cars bashing round for one final blaze of glory en route to the scrap yard.

Safety is a priority, nevertheless accidents occasionally happen. When they do, and someone can’t go to work or earn their living, we’re here to help. Take a look at who we are, what we do, the people we’re helping and how we raise the funds to continue our work. If you have any questions or ideas, if you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you.

Latest News

Buxton 1300 Ladies 02 September 2015
A big thank you to DP's Ladies in the AT Automotive of Crewe sponsored 1300 Stock Cars race on Bank Holiday Monday.

The field was split between novice and experienced Ladies to give everyone a fair chance and trophies given in each category.

For the Novice group 19 Tara Leech took the win ahead of 27 Sarah Ratcliffe and 270 Mel Hudson came in third.

For the Experienced group it was 555 Amy Carr who took the chequered, 17 Jude Pennington second and 295 Laura Whittaker completing the results.

At we write not all money has been collected but already very nearly £1000 has been raised by these great Ladies including £212 on the Raffle and some unclaimed prize money and start money too. This total will be updated as soon as we have a final figure.

Thank you all for your hard work achieving this, and the 1300 drivers who kindly lent their cars to make it possible, and of course race sponsor AT Automotive of Crewe for your generous sponsorship. Thanks to everyone who sponsored the Ladies, too.